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Network powered by both
technical and human connection

Laura Kohler:

“We have one common goal, this goal is to identify, support, and especially grow the pioneers of the digital economy in Europe”

Rafa Aguado:

“The real value of the network is about the community itself. Every accelerator has itself a community around them, from mentors, business angels, start-ups, and other public-private initiatives. What we are doing is building up another layer on top, so the real thing is about sharing”

Nuria De Lama:

“FIWARE is full European technology and nowadays most of the companies are working with American giants and companies. Why doing it with them, if we can provide a very good alternative?”


“The Innovation Hubs play a key role in maintaining and ensuring the sustainability of the FIWARE initiative”


“The aims to build bridges to help regional and local actors to become global. We need to believe that Europe can be a place for business as good as any other continent in the world”

Carlos Ralli:

“I would learn about FIWARE because is an open solution, is open source, and its supported by main players in the industry and also the European Commission”

Services is a pool of human, technology and financial resources oriented towards the European business ecosystem.  Our mission statement is scaling by sharing. Thus, we aim to gather startups, corporations and investors to contribute to the production & development of Internet Innovation through sustainable business.
We are offering and jointly developing iHub services to be offered either from each iHub, or on behalf of iHub Network. These services include business development and training services for several stakeholder groups, always with Internet technologies as the main vertical.

  • Pre-/acceleration/growth programs

  • Assets & tools for building internet technologies

  • Native internationalization

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  • Talent Pool

  • Digital Solutions

  • Acquisition Tools

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  • Access to the best startups in Europe

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Deep mentorship – scaling by sharing!

selling1Do you have a product or service idea and have no clue on how to implement it?

data-analytics1Are you looking for data analysts to grow in your team?

check-markAre you in search of validating your prototype and getting objective references?

person12Is scaling up a problem for your business? How about developing a business delivery platform for a global scale?

teacher43Do you want to accelerate your mature business idea in Cloud/ CleanTech/ eHealth/ Mobility/ Media & eLearning? is a community which shares and supports hubs all across Europe to push technology into profitable services.
Join us into our journey to fostering Internet Innovation!